We are a free health clinic serving those of us living at the crossroads of economic injustice and other systemic oppressions.

We believe: 

  • health care is a human right 
  • educational health care is empowering
  • healing happens socially
  • in the power of plants and connecting people with them

We are driven to: 

  • provide access to holistic alternative care 
  • break down power relationships inherent in many provider-patient relationships 
  • support activists’ health 
  • empower queers, trans folks, folx with low socioeconomic status and people of color
  • remove systemic barriers to health access 
  • create and support access to intact communities

We are committed to: 

  • providing care that is immediate, impactful, deep, first-rate, direct, true, working with the whole person and effective
  • being aware of our limitations and communicating them clearly 
  • offering respectful care from practitioners that listen to you and focus on healing
  • being inclusive & creating a welcoming environment through a diversity of care providers, modalities, and patients 
  • actively seeking out and responding to the needs, questions and requests of patients we serve
  • providing physical, mental, and societal health through access to methods best suited to each individual’s needs

We contribute to: 

  • raising our collective understanding of common knowledge & creating a world where people know that it is accessible 
  • creating healthy intact communities & ecosystems, where people are able to live in connection with themselves, each other & the natural world
  • creating a world where we come together to heal from generations of oppression, colonization, exploitation of the earth and its people
  • challenging white supremacy and eurocentric hierarchical models